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Peers Inc

Peers Inc

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Peers Inc

When Robin Chase cofounded Zipcar, she not only started a business but established the foundation for one of the most important economic and social ideas of our time: the collaborative economy. With this important book, she broadens our thinking about the ways in which the economy is being transformed and shows how the Peers Inc model is changing the very nature of capitalism.

When the best of people power is combined with the best of corporate power to form “Peers Inc” organizations, a potent creative force is released. The “Inc” in these collaborations delivers the industrial strengths of significant scale and resources, and the “Peers” bring together the individual strengths of localization, specialization, and customization, unlocking the power of the collaborative economy. When excess capacity is harnessed by the platform and diverse peers participate, a completely new dynamic is unleashed.

In Peers Inc, Robin Chase brings her provocative insights to work, business, the economy, and the environment, showing:

- How focusing on excess capacity transforms the economics of what’s possible and delivers abundance to all

- How the new collaboration between the Inc and the Peers enables companies to grow more quickly, learn faster, and deliver smarter products and services

- How leveraging the Peers Inc model can address climate change with the necessary speed and scale

- How the Peers Inc model can help legacy companies overcome their shortening life cycle by inviting innovation and evolution

- Why power parity between the Peers and the Inc is a prerequisite for long-term success

- How platforms can be built within the existing financial system or outside of it

- What government can do to enhance economic possibility and protect people working in this new decentralized world

Chase casts a wide net, illuminating the potential of the Peers Inc model to address broader issues such as climate change and income inequality, and proves the impact that this innovative economic force can have on the most pressing issues of our time.



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Thông Tin Chi Tiết
Công ty phát hành Nhà Sách Phương Nam
Nhà xuất bản PublicAffairs
Trọng lượng vận chuyển 545 gr
Kích thước 16 x 23.6 x 3cm.
Số trang 304.
Ngày xuất bản tháng 08/2016. 
SKU 92561
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