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The Oracle Way to Consulting: What it Takes to Become a World-Class Advisor

The Oracle Way to Consulting: What it Takes to Become a World-Class Advisor

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The Oracle Way to Consulting: What it Takes to Become a World-Class Advisor

In the end all a consultants wants is a very happy customer. Kim s insights and observations are just the practical knowledge a consultant needs to keep customers satisfied

-- Joel Borellis, Group Vice President, Partner Enablement, Oracle

It s critical that implementation consultants communicate clearly and provide the knowledge that the customer needs. Kim offers keen perspective and best practices on key consulting skill techniques needed to become a world-class consultant.

-- Steve Hoodmaker, Senior Director, Applications Partner Enablement, Oracle

A world-wide leader in technical support, consulting, and training, the Oracle Corporation has produced many of the most successful consultants in the world today. Now, you can receive the same training and master the same techniques that have jump-started the careers of high-level consultants all across the globe. Learn how to:

* Gain and retain the trust of your clients

* Use your personal skills to generate steady revenue

* Communicate better, smarter, and faster

* Become the best consultant you can be

Available in book form for the first time Oracle s renowned training program for the professional consultant

Oracle s world-famous consultants are leaders in delivering best-in-class services, solutions, and client satisfaction. Now for the first time, this practical insider s guide reveals the secrets behind Oracle s astonishing success a virtual crash course in the best practices and proven methods that can take your career to the next level.

Learn how to:

* Cultivate your consulting skills and adapt to new situations

* Focus on customer success and keep your clients happy

* Set realistic expectations and deliver real results

* Manage difficult clients, office politics, and corporate road blocks

* Improve organization and increase productivity

* Perform at your very best and provide maximum value every time

If you want to up your game and join the ranks of world-class consultants this user-friendly guide will help you hone your communication skills, leverage your talents, and create a sustainable revenue flow for you and your company.

You ll learn how to deliver value, add services, and build trust with your customers through example--helping them become more self-sufficient. You ll find surprising new insights from the best consultants in the business and case-by-case scenarios you can apply to your own situation. You ll discover the most persuasive ways to impart your knowledge and leverage authority, the most engaging ways to manage and lead, and the most effective ways to build long-lasting relationships.

This is The Oracle Way to Consulting your personal guide to consulting your way to a long and successful career.

Kim Miller is Director, Applications Partner Enablement at Oracle, where she is a member of the team responsible for innovating ways to increase Oracle channel sales by providing programs, events and content to ensure partners can successfully sell and implement Oracle solutions.

Tác giả :

Kim Miller

Kim Miller is Director, Applications Partner Enablement at Oracle, where she is responsible for innovating a program to ensure that all of Oracle's North American consultants possess the skills required to maintain the level of service demanded by clients; 97% became certified on Oracle products, a feat unmatched in the company s history.

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Nhà xuất bản McGraw-Hill Education
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Kích thước 15.6 x 2.4 x 23.4cm.
Số trang 352.
Ngày xuất bản tháng 01/2017. 
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