The Peak Performance Formula: Achieving Breakthrough Results In Life And Work

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The Peak Performance Formula: Achieving Breakthrough Results In Life And Work
Do you believe you have barely tapped your potential career?

Do you know that you could change your business, your industry, and the lives of those around you if you just got the chance?

It's time to make your own chances with The Peak Performance Formula.

As a Bay Area resident and longtime Silicon Valley executive coach, Bob Lesser knows the stresses of career development firsthand. His advice, research, and 30 Day Peak Performance Challenge draw from his own experiences and research, yet can be applied much further than just the workplace.

Whether you are a struggling athlete or a high powered executive, The Peak Performance Formula will guide you to become your best and not settle for mediocrity.

In this actionable guide to achieving one's peak performance, Lesser shares his analysis of the three pillars of success: purpose, values, and vision. He incorporates case studies from real-life peak performers: people and organizations that are the best and the brightest.

Bob will help you examine these questions in detail, so you can find the answers that are waiting within you:
  1. What exactly is purpose and how can you pinpoint yours?
  2. How can values improve your fulfillment and performance?
  3. How can you utilize vision to ensure you're getting where you want to go, regardless of your chosen endeavor?

Bob will show you how the most successful leaders are innovative and influential, and contextualizes his argument within neurological, psychological, and religious research so you can trust your instincts and have the relentless courage to succeed.

Read about:
  • Iron Man Dick Hoyt
  • Musician G Love
  • Activist Suraya Sadeed
  • Former Governor Michael Dukakis

...and many more real life peak performers!

This simple-but-powerful equation - Purpose + Values + Vision = Peak Performance - will open the doors that have been closed to you until now.

Readers of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Start With Why by Simon Sinek, The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone and Relentless by Tim S. Grover will love The Peak Performance Formula.


"We all need tools and tactics to achieve at the highest levels—both at work and in life. This book gives you the framework."Eric Schmidt, Cofounder, Schmidt Futures, and Former CEO, Google

"As a cofounder, leader, and CEO, I need to manage my time, relationships, energy, and company at the highest levels. The Peak Performance Formula will show you how." —Meirav Oren, Cofounder and CEO, Versatile

"The principles in this book have made me a better leader and have helped us build one of the most valuable new companies in our industry." — Bradley Rothenberg, CEO, nTopology

"Purpose and values guide everything we do as an organization. This book shows you how to use these powerful tools in your own work." —Charles Best, Founder and CEO, DonorsChoose


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