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Embrace The Work, Love Your Career

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Embrace The Work, Love Your Career
"Embrace the Work, Love Your Career is for women who want to fall back in love with their work and design a career action plan grounded in confidence and clarity." -Forbes
Fran Hauser, best-selling author of The Myth of the Nice Girl, follows up with a workbook for women who want to get more out of their careers. Embrace the Work, Love Your Career combines accessible advice, time-tested strategies, creative prompts, and thoughtful exercises into one holistic resource.
Stemming from years of experience in senior leadership at Time Inc.'s PeopleInStyle and Entertainment Weekly as well as AOL and Coca-Cola Enterprises, Hauser centers her career guidance around six main actions:
  • Fall in love with your career
  • Design your career action plan
  • Create time and space
  • Know your value
  • Build your dream team
  • Reflect and reset
Each chapter starts with practical advice and includes prompts and exercises to help readers create their own personal career action plans. Palate-cleansing meditations and coloring breaks conclude each chapter, offering chances for calming reflection. Through simple, inspiring, and actionable tools, Embrace the Work, Love Your Career teaches women to be empowered to focus on the things that truly matter, set boundaries and, ultimately, realize their full potential.
"Embrace the Work, Love Your Career couldn't have arrived at a better time." -PopSugar
"From the author of The Myth of the Nice Girl, an instructional workbook to help you find professional satisfaction and achieve your goals." -People
Named one of the "6 Most Powerful Women in NYC's Tech Scene" by Refinery29
"Is it possible to be both kind and a total badass? Yes-and Fran Hauser tells us how." -goop
"Fran gets into the mess-and gets specific-explaining how she has learned to handle all kinds of uncomfortable moments with authenticity and grace" -Refinery29
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22.8x17.9x2.3 cm
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  • Fran Hauser
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  • The Collective Book Studio
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