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Your Life, Your Work: Taking Your Heart To Work

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Your Life, Your Work: Taking Your Heart To Work
Your Life, Your Work is an important collection of quotes about that central pillar in your life - your daily work. ""Choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life"" says Confucius. And Clive Benton: ""The winners are those who put themselves into their work body and soul."" This stunning series from Helen Exley® is a totally new format and features the beautiful illustrations from Angela Kerr carefully matched with thoughtful quotations selected by Helen Exley. From the elegant gold foil accents on the cover to the life building values on each page, this is a book to be treasured for a lifetime. Helen Exley Giftbooks is a family company, started by Richard and Helen Exley, and subsequently expanded by their sons, Lincoln and Dalton, who both work in the company. Every giftbook is designed to be special - a joy to give and to receive - with a thoughtful message of ""I love you"" or ""thanks for everything"" or simply ""I saw thisand thought of you"". The books sell four million copies a year in over thirty languages and in over eighty countries across the world.
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  • Helen Exley Giftbooks
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