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Maneki Neko: The Japanese Secret To Good Luck And Happiness

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What does "good luck" look like and how do you achieve it?
Lucky symbols, lucky numbers, lucky charms and luck-creating rituals--how is it that a disciplined and hard-working country like Japan is so invested in the idea of luck? And what, exactly, does "good luck" mean?
This insightful book--by a leading expert on the subject--explores the ways in which "good luck" symbols and rituals in Japan are used in tandem with diligence and a positive attitude to help people overcome life's many twists, turns and bad patches.
It explores how customs and beliefs play a vital role in creating positive expectations and outcomes--and includes practical exercises for bringing good fortune and happiness into your own life.
Author Nobuo Suzuki acquaints us with beloved Japanese icons of luck, prosperity, and goal-setting and explains what they truly represent--including Maneki Neko (the "Lucky Cat"), Daruma (the "Lucky Buddha") and the Seven Lucky Gods of Good Fortune. We even meet some quirky and much beloved modern Japanese symbols of luck like the "Golden Poop" (yes, you read that right!). And we learn how these symbols all foster a sense of community which contributes to the happiness and well-being of all individuals in Japan.
With this book, luck becomes a matter of self-understanding and connection to others rather than something that exists outside of ourselves and other people. It is an integral part of life and learning to shape out a destiny for ourselves that we can view with pride and contentment.
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Bìa cứng
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19.7x13.3x1.9 cm
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  • Nobuo Suzuki
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  • Tuttle Publishing
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