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Rule Of Thumb: A Guide To Small Business Customer Service And Relationships

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Rule Of Thumb: A Guide To Small Business Customer Service And Relationships
In today's business world, the customer service experience is the most critical component that leads small businesses to remarkable success. Good service can be a business owner's greatest asset if it is properly implemented, practiced on a regular basis, and customized to meet the needs and wants of customers. The good relationships entrepreneurs have with customers will be essential to growing their businesses and evolving to the next level.

This book is designed as a tool for the small business owner. Through identifying customers, their needs and wants, successful communication strategies, methods for follow-up and best practices, anyone who is involved in a business environment can build outstanding and valuable relationships with customers and clients.

Competition is fierce in the current economy. Prepare to be a leader in your industry and the best at your business with the help of this book. Learn to recognize opportunities and to face the challenges of delivering GREAT customer service in every way possible! Businesses have the power to create an unforgettable experience and lasting impression on customers. This book will lead business stakeholders to the development of dynamic and unique strategies that are sure to grow business with new customers and to bring back loyal patrons time after time.
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  • Lisa Tschauner
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  • WriteLife Publishing
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